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What is Gomates?

Gomates helps friends, teammates, and other groups organize carpools. We provide a private online signup so your group can share rides to a special event, take turns driving kids to practice, or plan a weekly commute together. Gomates is about riding with people you know in real life — we don’t match you with strangers.

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Our story

As the involved parents of three busy kids, we have driven to a lot of events and benefited from ridesharing with other families. When friends take our children to practices and events, we truly appreciate the free time we gain! But we also love our turn in the driver seat, supporting others and enjoying the fun in the car. We’ve done ongoing weekly carpools with a handful of friends, long trips with large groups, and everything in between.

Through the years we’ve seen people get overwhelmed when planning trips together. Some groups send countless messages to figure out who will drive or when to meet, while others use free-for-all spreadsheets that anyone can see and edit. We created Gomates to simplify carpooling because we believe sharing rides can really help people.

— Toni King and Greg King, Co-founders

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Our values

Our team values trust and transparency, and we support one another while working toward common goals. With the core belief that working together benefits everyone, we designed Gomates to help communities join together to reach common destinations.
We work hard to identify complex problems and find elegant solutions. We are proud that Gomates is reliable and intuitive.
Gomates helps people share rides instead of driving separate cars, so we can all save resources and reduce our climate impact. Along with our primary mission to facilitate carpooling, we participate in Open Streets Corvallis, the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, and similar organizations in our local community.

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