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What is Gomates?

Gomates streamlines carpooling for parents, teammates and coworkers. Unlike ride-sharing apps that connect people with strangers, Gomates helps you arrange rides with people you already know and trust.

Our story

As the involved parents of three busy kids, we have shared many rides. We really appreciate the free time we gain when friends drive our children to practices and events. But we also love our turn in the driver seat, helping others and enjoying the fun in the car! We've personally benefited from regular carpools with a handful of friends, long trips with large groups, and everything in-between.

Through the years we've watched people struggle to decide who will drive each day or even to keep track of who's going. We saw a need to simplify ride planning, and so Gomates was born. Our goal is to make carpooling easy for everyone, so we can join together and drive less.

- Toni King and Greg King, Co-founders

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Our values

Help each other
At Gomates, we try to support one another while we work toward common goals. Every time you carpool, you do the same thing!
Strive for excellence
We've worked hard to identify the complex problems and find elegant solutions. We are proud that Gomates is reliable and intuitive.
Respect our planet
By sharing rides, we save gas (or electricity!) and pollute less. Together, you and Gomates can reduce our impact on the climate and Earth's resources.
Demonstrate integrity
Our team values trust and transparency. We believe this shines through in our software.

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