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Arrange rides for your child

Gomates makes carpooling easy for families. You can organize rides for your child without making a separate account. Simply add a child's name to your account. Then when you add a passenger to a carpool, you can select their name or your own. Your carpool calendar will show the child's carpools as well as yours.

When your child is in a carpool, your group will always see your name next to the child's name. No other information about the child is shared.

To add a child to your account

  1. On your Home page, click gear icon to open Settings.
  2. Select Child Passengers.
  3. Click add icon.
  4. Enter a name for your child, and click Save. This child will stay in your account so you can put them in carpools.

To add your child to a carpool

  1. On the Carpool page, click + Passenger.
  2. You will see yourself and your children in a list. Select your child and click Save.