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Carpool with several cars

Gomates is a great way to organize rides for a big group. You will need a central place for your team or club to start the carpool, so lots of drivers can participate. Make sure your meet and leave times are far enough apart to get everyone loaded into cars.

With large groups, extra information can be helpful. You can include general notes on the Carpool page and special instructions for each location.

Your group members can quickly see the carpool times and places, along with your notes. They can access start and route maps by selecting a location and clicking map icon. You can all monitor the progress as drivers and passengers sign up.

To make a carpool with more than one car

  1. On your Home page or Group page, click Start a Carpool.
  2. On the New Carpool page, check that Limit to one driver is switched off.
  3. Click Start location. Check that One location is switched on.
  4. Complete the remaining carpool information as usual.