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Carpool with several cars

Gomates can help your entire organization share rides to an event. To make a group carpool with several cars, first choose a central meeting place to start the trip. Then enter the travel times and places into Gomates and share the link with your club or team.

Your group members will see where and when to meet, and they can view route maps by selecting a location and clicking map icon. Each person can sign up to drive or ride without any effort on your part! Everyone in your carpool group can see who is going, so you know there are enough drivers.

With large groups, extra information can be helpful. Feel free to add notes to the Trip page, and special instructions at the start and end locations. You can also send email updates to your carpool group through Gomates.

To make a group carpool with more than one car

  1. On your Home page, click Start Carpooling.
  2. On the New Trip page, switch off Limit to one driver.
  3. Click Start location. Make sure One location is switched on.
  4. Enter your trip info.

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