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Group privacy

Access to your carpool group depends on your Group Type, and who sees your group link.

Every Gomates group has a unique URL, and you get to decide how to share it. To reach lots of people, you can post the link on your organization’s website or social media. If you are concerned about privacy, only share your link with trusted people. Your carpool group is not searchable through Gomates, so we won’t be directing strangers your way.

What people see on your Group page depends on the privacy level you have set for the group, known as the Group Type.

Anyone with your link and a Gomates account can join your group. In addition, they can see trip details and member names without joining the group. This is the easiest way for people to sign up for a trip, and is the default setting.
People with your link can view the Group page and see basic trip information, but they can’t see names of group members or who is going on trips. If someone wants to join your private group, they will send a join request. A group leader decides whether to accept them or not.
This carpool group is hidden from everyone except members, and no new members can join the group. For maximum privacy, make a Private Group until your friends have joined, and then change it to a Locked Group.

To see the Group Type

  1. On the Group page, click down arrow icon below the group image.
  2. The Group Type is shown near the coordinator’s name.

To change the Group Type

  1. On the Group page, open the menu menu icon and select Edit Group.
  2. Select your desired Group Type.
  3. Click Save.