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Who can edit a carpool

Gomates lets you share carpool management with other people. Each group has one Coordinator, but you can promote other group members to the role of Assistant Coordinator.

Assistant Coordinators can do several tasks that regular members cannot:

  • create and edit carpools
  • add and remove passengers and drivers after the carpool signup has closed
  • accept members into a private group
  • send a message to other group members through Gomates

Some tasks are reserved for only the Coordinator:

  • edit the group information
  • change the role of group members

To promote a member

  1. On your Group page, click Members to see a list of group members.
  2. Select the person you want to promote.
  3. From the list of roles, choose Assistant Coordinator.
  4. Click Save. We'll send an email to the member so they know you promoted them.