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Share your carpool

Every carpool group in Gomates has a unique URL which you can share with anyone. Groups aren’t searchable, so people will only see your trips when they use your special link.

Some ways you can share your carpool group link to invite participants:

  • send an email
  • social media, especially if your organization has its own page
  • in a newsletter
  • group text message
  • post a QR code at a meeting

Make sure your friends know that they are invited to join you. When you share your group link using the email button in Gomates, you can start with a message we’ve already written for you.

To share the group link

  1. On the Group page, open the menu menu icon and click Share.
  2. Choose either option:
    envelope icon Email invitation
    Gomates will open your email program and compose the invitation. Edit the content or subject if you wish, and enter the recipient’s email address.
    copy icon Copy link
    Paste this link anywhere you normally communicate with your group, such as email, text messages, or a Facebook group.