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Why you’ll love Gomates

  • Travel with people you know - not strangers
  • Arrange safe rides for your children
  • Set up regular commutes easily
  • Find up-to-date trip info in one place
  • It’s free

How it works

1. Create a carpool

Enter the times and places for your trip

2. Invite your friends

Share the carpool link with your team or group

3. Fill the car

Stay updated as friends sign up to drive or ride

Arrange rides for your kids

Make a carpool group with other families and share rides to school, rehearsals, sports practice, and more. Kids have fun riding with teammates and parents get more free time!

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Stay informed

Find everything you need for the trip in one place - when and where to start, route maps, and special instructions from your group leader. Check anytime to see who is going. Your carpool group gets its own page so you can see other planned trips.

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Plan a repeating trip

Do you go to the same event each week? Whether you take turns driving or always share one car, Gomates simplifies your commute. Each person chooses which days to drive or ride, and you can all see the status.

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Organize travel for a big group

Arrange transportation to tournaments, festivals, and other distant events. Drivers and passengers can see essential trip information and quickly sign up to share rides. Start your group carpool at a local meeting place so everyone in your team or club travels together.

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Travel with people you trust

Your carpool group is only seen by people who have your unique link. We don’t expose you to strangers through searching. You also have the option of approving each member to join your private group.

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