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Make a carpool

Gomates helps you organize carpools with people you already know. Anyone can do it! First make a carpool, then share the group link with your friends, teammates, or coworkers. They will be able to see the carpool and add themselves as drivers or passengers.

Tip: If you include the address of each location, people can access route maps from your carpool page by clicking map icon

To make a carpool

  1. On your Home page, click Start a Carpool.
  2. Give your carpool group a name and click Continue. You can make lots of trips for the same group, so choose a name you can keep using.
  3. On the New Carpool page, choose one-way or round trip. Gomates will calculate the return time for round trip carpools.
  4. Enter the times and locations.
  5. Click Save when you are ready.