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Make a carpool

Gomates helps you organize ridesharing with people you already know. Anyone can do it! First create a trip by following the instructions below.

You’ll get a unique page for your carpool group, which you can share with friends, teammates, or coworkers. Your page isn’t searchable, so people only see it when you share the link with them. Anyone who joins your carpool group can see trip details and sign up to drive or ride.

Tip: If you include the address of each location, people can view route maps from your trip page by selecting the location name and then clicking map icon

To make a carpool

  1. On your Home page, click Start Carpooling.
  2. Give your carpool group a name and click Continue. You can make lots of trips for the same group of people, so choose a name you can keep using.
  3. On the New Trip page, choose one-way or round trip. Gomates will calculate the return time for round trip.
  4. Enter the times and locations.
  5. If you want, give your trip a name or add notes for people to see.
  6. Click Save when you are ready.

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