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Who can edit trips

Each Gomates group has one Coordinator, who creates trips and makes sure everything goes well. Regular group members can sign up to drive or ride in trips, but they cannot change the trip times or places.

Coordinators can share carpool management with other group members by promoting them to the role of Assistant Coordinator.

Only Coordinators can:

  • edit the group information
  • change the role of group members

Assistant Coordinators and Coordinators can:

  • create and edit trips
  • add and remove passengers and drivers after the trip signup closes
  • accept members into a private carpool group
  • send messages to group members through Gomates

All group members can:

  • sign up to drive or ride
  • add their children as passengers
  • change their participation before the trip signup closes
  • share the Group link with others

Interested in managing your own carpools? Anyone can start a carpool group and become its Coordinator, simply by creating a new trip.

To promote a member

  1. On your Group page, click Members to see a list of group members.
  2. Click pencil icon for the person you want to promote.
  3. From the list of roles, choose Assistant Coordinator.
  4. Click Save. We’ll send an email to the member so they know you promoted them.

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