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Member privacy

At Gomates we respect your privacy and only share information as needed to make your carpool trips successful.

Members of your carpool group can see:

  • your display name
  • your group role (Member, Assistant Coordinator, or Coordinator)
  • your trip participation as passenger or driver
  • your child’s name alongside yours when the child is a passenger

Leaders of your carpool group can also see your email.

You can opt in to show your email, phone number, and address to group members. This can be helpful for contacting each other and when your trip involves picking up or dropping off at home.

Note that in an Open group, anyone with the group link can view information about you. If you are concerned, ask your Coordinator to change the Group Type to Private or Locked.

To show your contact info

  1. On your Home page, click gear icon to open Settings.
  2. Select lock icon Privacy.
  3. Select the group which will see your information.
  4. Choose to show your email, phone, and/or address.
  5. Make sure you have entered your phone and address in Settings.

To see your group members

  1. On the Group page, click Members.
  2. Click on any member to see the contact info they have opted to show.

To see the Group Type

  1. On the Group page, click down arrow icon below the group image.
  2. The Group Type is shown near the coordinator’s name.

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