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Sign up for a trip

To sign up as a passenger or driver in Gomates carpool trips, you’ll need two things: a Gomates account and access to a carpool group. If you don’t have one yet, you can create an account for free.

People who make trips in Gomates get a special page for their carpool group. If someone invited you to join their group, use the link they shared to see their upcoming trips. Then follow the instructions below to drive or get a ride. You can also start your own carpool group.

Each trip has a signup deadline, so be sure to sign up for a ride before then! Afterwards only your carpool leaders can make changes. Contact them if you need any assistance.

To sign up for a carpool trip

  1. On your Group page, select the trip you are interested in.
  2. On the Trip page that opens, click + Driver or + Passenger to add yourself or your child.
  3. If driving, select the number of seats you have available for passengers.
  4. That’s it! From the Trip page, you can always click car icon or user icon to see who is going.

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